Oil temperature cooling effect large, air duct for cylinder head


When an engine custom is performed, the temperature of the Cylinder head rises.

This will be the emergency cooling air duct of the cylinder head

In order to process it, Aluminum hose,  and “Louvers with the round shape” are need.


Both I bought at the DIY shop.


A cowl in front of the engine is processed.

Since it deletes in order to put in Air duct, it cannot return to origin.

An air duct you like is Mounting, and it’s an end.

I fixed using Cable tie

This or oil temperature is decreased?

Oil temperature will surely decline, Winter, I think so it is better to remove.

This is the natural result.Because the entire engine room is a disadvantage of the scooter is not passed through the wind.

Scooter is the engine installation location is closed location.

So, by mounting the fan to the power from the crankshaft, and air cooling the cylinder, But until cylinder head is not cooling.

And cylinder head is a pretty hot place.

If you’re like worry about the oil temperature by hard custom, please refer this …

However, if you installed to like me,It might be referred to as the mad max custom.

Custom Repair Modified "Scooter Moped Motorcycle" by yourself