brake pad exchange for beginners



Even a beginner can exchange a brake pad easily,Because it is a part about matter of life and death, let’s perform the work carefully.

Prepare the brake parts cleaner if you are a beginner.

First, get rid of brake caliper.

CIMG2720 CIMG2721

This can be taken easily.

If you are worried about torque management at the time of the installation,When I mark a bolt by a pen, it’s convenient.

brakes caliper take off,pull off a shaft bolt in using a hexagon wrench.


When it’s hard and doesn’t come off.
It’s a challenge once again after a lubricant is played.

If a shaft bolt comes off, I easily get the old brake pad.

CIMG2724 CIMG2723


It is knack to sandwich the old brake pad

A new pad is Installing after I clean by a brake cleaner of parts.

The installation to the body is very easy when sandwich the old brake pad at this point in time.

CIMG2725 CIMG2727

old brake pad sandwich two further ease.

I think that the beginner is hard to have it very much because a piston falls down.

If a piston falls down, I put it on  pushing back with a finger.

It’s also an easy way to poke in and open a SCREW DRIVER.

Attach to quickly brake disk Remove the old brake pads when mounting to a vehicle body.

If you are a anxiety, let’s buy a tool to push back the piston of brake spreader.

if you want to exchange also brake hose is here

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