Plating spiral tube

When a custom of a moped scooter and a motorcycle is being performed, There are removal of hose kinds and a wire and a case that I take it and turn turning frequent. A coil gate tube is used to gather such one.

How to replace the beginners brake hose

I exchanged in stainless steel mesh type hose of normal brake hose. Because the normal brake hose has bad-looking in black babul. The difference of the normal brake hose and stainless steel mesh type hose will be the change of the sense of touch when you grasp the brake.

Solution when the screw does not come off

I wrote about the use of the screw extractor in How to deal with when the cylinder stud bolt is broken,I will write about more Removing the familiar screw.In the case of The screwthread has boroken, where do you repair it by oneself to?

Aggressive front fork lowdown way

There are many ways of the front fork Lowdown,My way is the remodeling to shorten by cutting the front fork inside of the spring on their own.The parts cost is $ 0.00, because do not buy the lowdown exclusive spring.