Solution when the screw does not come off



I wrote about the use of the screw extractor in How to deal with when the cylinder stud bolt is broken,I will write about more Removing the familiar screw.

In the case of The screwthread has boroken, where do you repair it by oneself to?

This is the challenge.

Please try to reference because I was also a lot of experience.

How to deal with when the cylinder stud bolt is broken is here

screwthread has a little boroken

screwthread has a little boroken , Let’s challenge it again after blowing off the refuse which I was able to sharpen with parts cleaner when I do not seem to come off with parts cleaner.

You may succeed unexpectedly only in this work.

If still not possible, let’s loosen while giving a shot in the go-through screwdriver

IMG_0853 IMG_0852

go-through screwdriver will pierce through the shaft until the grip.

Since the tip is a cemented carbide , It’s hit with a hammer and a ditch is made, and it’s metal scrape, and if, various tools.

Let’s loosen to the rhythm of the striking.

Still when being impossible, it’s left for one hour after a lubricant is played in a gap.

It is again attack from washing the threads in the parts cleaner.

556 crean

Let’s challenge while praying that the success here.

Attention:When you blow used in a normal screwdriver grip it will be destroyed.

If the screwthread is lost

You should cancel it before being able to happen, but it is a human will act.

almost get a screw…

This feeling leads to screwthread is lost destruction.

For example, when it comes to this state, it is Oh no…


It is used an screw extract tractor or the hand impact driver in such situation.

ex1 inpact


Which tool you prepare is a place to be troubled with.

If surely get rid of is the screw extractor , but It is necessary to make a hole for the  screw extractor insertion with an electric drill.

Hand impact driver is hit with a hammer,Tip is the tool of a little turn structure.

The person who failed in a blow mawashi by go-through screwdriver will use the screw extractor obediently.

The person of the thread loss by the normal screwdriver thinks that a hand impact screwdriver is good.

In the case of screw extractor

Make a hole in the electric screwdriver to plug a screw extractor,Let’s remove it fit the screw extractor.

This is not a difficult task, it is also capable of task with beginners.

CIMG9236 IMG_0855

There is various form in screw extractor.

It may be a dedicated kit, and turning even monkey wrench.

(It is difficult to grasp the screw extractor in the monkey wrench)


If still not possible

When screw extractor is broken.

If the place is not important for the vehicle,Destroyed in each screw drill,A ditch is made newly or, it’s leaving.

Because the point is there are many places not important to use a screw, left I think the best.

But I think the person who removes a screw of the motorcycle by himself may remove a screw for new attachment of parts.

To make the tapped hole after removal in the drill,

Beginners can not be tapped hole vertically If do not use the Bench drilling machines.

Moreover, in many cases not be able to install the breaking point in the Bench drilling machines.

But, there is a very convenient tool in the world.

It is Blind Nut Rivet with a famous thing.

You can use the Blind Nut Rivet and almost resolved.

If you know the Blind Nut Rivet presence there is a margin of mind.

Electric drill and Hand Nut Rivet Setter are possessed,Make a bolt groove anywhere.

This expands the custom range.

It is most suitable for original aero customs.

市具 成夫

原付二種ライダーの市具 成夫(シグ夫)です。

市具 成夫をフォローする