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The way to remodel an air filter and make the response good

ノーマル原付スクーターのエアフィルターは耐久性などを考慮してでしょう、かなり厚みのあるしっかりとしたフィルターになります。 このフィルターを薄いタイプに変更するとアクセルレスポンスが良くなるのでお勧めのカスタムになります。

Electric blower Supercharger

When a custom is doing a scooter and a motorcycle, attachment of a turbo and a supercharger would be imagined sometime. But even the exhaust system will be also only specially made to order parts by a mechanical type, so it costs a lot of money.

CVK 32Φ Carburetor Part 1

Normal Carburetor is 24Φ, but I tried to replace the 32Φ In order to equip with 32Φ Carburetor for which height is needed. Therefore Bakelite of Carburetor, 2-3 There is preparation, and Long bolt