oil temperature gauge Sensor how to deal

An injection lamp and a tachometer are standard in a measuring instrument of a recent motor scooter, there is a lot of something equipped, Commonly used with many features. When saying a measuring instrument besides that, there are hydraulic pressure, oil sound, water temperature, voltage and airflow.

Cygnus X, BW’s, engine oil changes, precautions

Cygnus X, the engine oil exchange of BW'S pull engine oil out of a drain bolt, I think there are people who actually pull out the engine oil from the oil filter. Pull out the engine oil from the oil filter of reason, Because you can also carry out an oil filter lavage together.

Piston polishing for Beginner

When a custom of a cylinder head and a cylinder piston are exchanged, It is a piston to want to polish. Maybe, There would be many people who do piston polish in all over the world. I will be one of those people, so Please have the person who will challenge now in reference.

careful to not bend exhaust pipe flange and bolts

I think many people to replace the silencer and exhaust pipe of the motorcycle or moped scooter custom. There are massiveness and an existence sense, and exhaust sound also changes, so exhaust pipe and a silencer will be because it'll be a main custom, as expected.

When a rocker arm was broken

Maintenance engine oil tappet adjustment will be neglected but not your engine custom vehicle suddenly engine malfunction may be. Suddenly the engine output is heavily degraded... It'll be often in such serious state, Damage of a rocker arm and a cam is prospect in the case.

Thicker base gasket

When the engine is custom, and frequently replace the cylinder and piston. Base gasket is the consumables that are required when such, This is a good atmosphere even without the use of the Items new , every time, but ...

Compression adjustment spark plug custom

The Spark plug is the expendable supply which you must change even if I do not do a motorcycle custom.The performance degradation of a Spark plug isn't good for an engine and the performance also falls and a good thing is not...