Thicker base gasket



When the engine is custom, and frequently replace the cylinder and piston.

Base gasket is the consumables that are required when such, This is a good atmosphere even without the use of the Items new , every time, but …

Basically it is a new use.

Compression adjustment due to the thickness of the base gasket is easy.

Base gasket has been commercially available, However, I like human beings Let’s make cut out from the base gasket sheet.

Also, make a base gasket squeeze-out by increasing cut the part on purpose, The custom of secret…  You can also use in applications such as.


Base gasket sheet is cut out with a cutter.


Left is commercially available base gasket, Base gasket that right is made of me.

My base gasket is a little rough, but there is no problem in use. Is what important selection of thickness than that.

Rather , compression than the piston to be used will vary, and Cylinder head metal cutting of the piston alignment is a lot of work.

It is also important piston selection in the race.

You might be able to save money and find a hit while changing the thickness of the base gasket First.

For example, it is possible to vary the thickness about this.


It is easy to understand and compare.

It is OK you stack a thin base gasket, and to use, or It is also OK to use the thick ones. I like better to be adjusted in one piece.


Likely valve is hit in a special piston in the top dead center…

You can use the clearance adjustment in such a case.

Clearance secured by long crank introduction

I think the person who adjusts the thickness of the base gasket is most by such reason.

If and increasing the stroke of a long crank,Clearance adjustment will be required.

When will teamed up to If irresponsible, It might be the connecting rod and the piston to hit somewhere.

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