What happens if the Spark plug 5 years 27000 km is allowed to stand?


I never exchanged spark plug ignition for 5 years after BW’S125 was bought.

Cylinder head adjustment in the meantime was done twice,An exchange of plug ignition was forgot, so it’s begun and exchanged this time.


It is easy work of simply turning a plug wrench from disconnect the plug code.

When even the beginner of the motorcycle cannot simplify this, it is bad…

But recent motorcycle is state in which the plug is wet is unlikely to occur,Spark plug is easy to forget consumables

If the motorcycle is said to exchange guideline 5,000 km from 3,000 km…

I used a spark plug 6 multiple of Usually.

Let’s compare the plug of the old plug and new.


When refining by a brush, can it still be used?

Will this be because it is an injection nozzle vehicle,It’s still felt practicably.

The fuel compounding is thin.

Next let’s judged by a different image.


Carbon Many adhesion and Only the part of the grounding electrode is white.

It bends easily when I tapped gently ground electrode with a hammer to try.

The metal fatigue is a considerable thing,There is also a possibility was broken on the verge.

A plug of long use shouldn’t be polished and reused by a brush by such reason.

New Spark plug of NGK CR7E,It is unknown whether a state improved.

I was hoping by the spark plug replacement of long-term use…

But I was surprised. Because I do not feel the change.

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