oil temperature gauge Sensor how to deal



An injection lamp and a tachometer are standard in a measuring instrument of a recent motor scooter, there is a lot of something equipped, Commonly used with many features.

When saying a measuring instrument besides that, there are hydraulic pressure, oil sound, water temperature, voltage and airflow.

As far as it isn’t a tuning up vehicle in case of a motor scooter, these measuring instruments aren’t the one the importance is so much.

“activist’s digital monitor” who uses it from Cygnus X is being loaded on my BW’S.

It’s the sensor loaded on a drain bolt for oil sound measurement that attention is necessary for handling in this digital monitor.


Active digital monitor

The oil temperature, the oil pressure, the number of rotations and the voltage are the excellent measuring instrument indicated compactly on one screen.

As the accessory function, the LED color change, Shift indicator function(At any RPM, LED flash emission of light) , Warning function(At any RPM, oil temperature LED red Flash)

IMG_1270 - コピー

The image on the active digital monitor, This uses it for more than 5 years and it’s a little old type, but I’m satisfied with the function, so is enough.

LO indication of hydraulic pressure is because a hydraulic pressure sensor isn’t being installed.

Engine oil drain bolt

The cord which I’m picking with a finger will be a cord of an oil sound sensor,

The inside will be the oil temperature sensor bolt loaded on the engine oil drain bolt.


When loading such oil temperature sensor, it’ll be an exclusive part of the diameter added to a vehicle,

The way such as loading a sensor bolt on the engine oil drain bolt is general.

And these oil sound sensor bolt and this are the part which has no durability…

An oil temperature sensor bolt isn’t removed.

By twice’s damaged experience,  I found that the sound sensor bolt oil sensor is installed inside the bolt so the thickness is less.

This is a damaged oil temperature sensor bolt.


The oil temperature sensor bolt damaged inside the engine oil drain bolt… Broken in feel like breaking glass.

When it’ll be such situation, there are no ways to repair it, so I’ll buy a new part.

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