Piston polishing for Beginner



When a custom of a cylinder head and a cylinder piston are exchanged, It is a piston to want to polish.

Maybe, There would be many people who do piston polish in all over the world.

I will be one of those people, so Please have the person who will challenge now in reference.

However, Even though a piston was polished, acceleration isn’t also the reason which becomes good certainly.


Self satisfaction is high

Unless such race tuner, I think there are few people who have completed it before piston polish by an individual can sense its effect.

By saying so, Here is a great tuner honed piston.


This is the piston for Cygnus X, Even BW’S125 is specification possible.

It is not many mirrors surface.

Processing of a corner becomes smoother than that, and piston seem to do a smooth movement.

The impression that I put on, I did not understand it by the bodily sensation.

Is that to good use in the race results.

Let’s look at a different angle.


The polite finish, It isn’t the mirror surface, but it isn’t rough.

Piston polishing effect

I possess a piston much, too, so I have the experience tried variously.

I have polished it than the image mentioned above in the mirror surface and, Only accumulation carbon is gambled away at a metallic scrub brush and it’s made finishing rough…

Conclusion, Both are also fine by ordinary use of a motor scooter.

The most important thing is taking pictures of the Pistons honed their, I think the thing to show off to friends in the SNS, etc..

I’m thinking I should make the feeling of complacence piston polish importantly.

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