Cylinder head intake expansion


If the inside diameter of the intake manifold is expanded, an air intake of a cylinder head will also process expansion.

It’s cutting the according to the inside diameter of the intake manifold.

It is necessary to take off a cylinder head to finish it carefully.

But the person who doesn’t have a skill to there and a confidence

While covering the inside of an air intake with a waste and cotton,

Drill excavation is also fine while inhaling by a cleaner.


Roughly drilling in the state from which the above picture doesn’t remove a cylinder head.

Because I wanted to know the optimum inner diameter, it was processed without removing the cylinder head in order to repeat the test drive to expand a little.

Inner diameter Remove the cylinder head after the decision, it was clean finish.

The effect of the inner diameter expansion Intake manifold is here


Cylinder head can be easily processed because the aluminum alloy is often


Finish a little tapered,

It’ll be the limit to here for work in the state from which a cylinder head isn’t removed.

Remove the shavings from removing the After the processing is finished cloth,

It’s blown beautifully by air blow dry and it’s washed by kerosene and a cleaner of parts, etc..

The piston and cylinder and shavings remained remains to engine start-up will be scratched

Please start the engine after carefully cleaning.

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