Mounting the Boost meter for scooter


I installed an automotive boost meter in the motorcycle
This remodeling is made easy even for beginners, I think that the condition of the engine is a guide that can be seen.

CIMG9355CIMG9357  CIMG9358


I attached manometer between AIS from a manifold

The numerical value changes to the pressure by a measured place.

People plan to put a supercharger is good between the air cleaner from carburetor or throttle body in view of the blow-off valve.

CIMG9359  CIMG9361

Using the branch joint Attach the pressure measurement pipe
Please the engine Once the connection is complete, kick starting.
Boost meter will be the negative pressure of 2 when the kick get off.

Idling refers to between 0 to -2 pressure.
Incidentally since the boost meter is a car only, not waterproof.

Code that is out of the boost meter back is the positive power supply for the lighting.

CIMG9362  CIMG9363

The upper part, a speedometer and the center, a tachometer, an oil temperature meter and the left, a boost meter and the right are a fuel system.

The pressure numerical value is 0 pressure by a normal run

It’s the negative 6 pressure at the time of blow off.