CVT driving systemList

Weight roller is consumable goods

People to the tune-up of the drive system is frequently done the exchange of weight roller, Such person will know that weight rollers are consumables.Such a person does not need to read this article, From here the article for beginners.

Clutch center spring strengthening

Likes and dislikes are Opinions vary by a person into strengthening in a clutch center spring. Basically, if you want to focus on the highest speed, You should not strengthen the clutch center spring. But that's sometimes effective, For example, situations in which a slip of the V-belt occurs when you increase the engine power.

Do not Disassembly the Starter clutch

A starter clutch was hard and didn't come off easily at the time of a crank exchange. It was pulled by force by various tools then, so a starter clutch seems to have broken. As a result of attachment it in defiance of trouble, a starter clutch does not operate by a cell motor start.