cutting metal the scooter drive system case

CVT driving system

By the mounting of Long pulley boss ,When V-belt rubs with scooter drive system case, let’s Scrape off scooter drive system case.

IMG_0032   The image is a little hit.

Long pulley boss See here


cutting the top and bottom

I’ll cutting the metal with an electric drill a little.


Place to cut because the V-belt has been polished only places that are hit will understand immediately.


The finished and cleaned with brake cleaner.

V-belt is recommended for normal type

V belt is there is Abundant type but I will recommend normal.

Also acts such as to improve the in the parts cleaner injected into the V-belt is also useless.

Parts cleaner to attack the rubber products,Therefore V belt will be deterioration.

In the case of Time Attack race is another …