Blowout flat tire repair


The tire went flat.

One day a tire went flat During commuting.

In a state in which the nail is stuck to the rear wheels,Air will leak at the time of pulling out the nail.

Let’s equipped with a puncture repair kit in preparation for the time of emergency.


Check the status of the Blowout points

CIMG2711 CIMG2712

It is a big nail in the rear wheel … This nail is getting on my nerves.

Why would nail has fallen on the road.

A hole is expanded a little.

CIMG2715 CIMG2713

Let’s give a little expanding the hole with a screwdriver.

Because,It is necessary to push the rubber for puncture repair.

CIMG2716 CIMG2717

The adhesive coating to the stuffing rubber

That’s forced into a hole.

30 minutes later

Match the tip of stuffing rubber with a tire; put together

Finally, the end check the air leakage

Incidentally It’s done using a special tool “Reamer&Ring” originally.

I’m poor, so I do by this way…….

A rich person go to a motorcycle shop.