How to replace the beginners brake hose



I exchanged in stainless steel mesh type hose of normal brake hose. Because the normal brake hose has bad-looking in black babul.

The difference of the normal brake hose and stainless steel mesh type hose will be the change of the sense of touch when you grasp the brake.

So it was changed to stainless steel mesh type hose even so effectiveness of a brake doesn’t become good.

Effectiveness of a brake is changed to a large brake caliper, and to make it good. Or is a change to the large-diameter disk.

A feeling of touch to gradually do

Good Toko of normal brake hose is resistant to bending and twisting of the hose because the rubber, It is most suitable for town riding “A feeling of touch to gradually do”

When a brake is grasped,Rubber is expanded by hose internal pressure and

A feeling of touch to gradually do.

A feeling of klik touch

Stainless steel mesh type of hose is not a hose installed while bending or twisting.

It is necessary to install the routes from brakes master to brakes caliper smoothly.

“A feeling of klik touch” is totally different from the rubber type, It will be the braking that can be more fine-tuned.

In cool it wants so to immediately replace the brake hose.

Caution:An exchange of a brake hose has to take out an air bubble because there is replacement of brake fluid.

beginner and a worried person will commission to exchange it at a motorcycle shop.

get rid of of brake fluid


After taking off the rubber cap which brakes caliper, Slightly loosen the bolt, Open the lid of the brake master, When get rid of of brake fluid brake is grasped brake many times early.

If brake fluid falls out,Let’s connect the replacement brake hose.

The root of the hose in that case through to as much as possible clean.

This is unexpectedly difficult.


Let’s make the most suitable angle using a banjo bolt.

Because it’s difficult to place at the angle for a hose of steel mesh type hose.

I think that the one to change for the first time should decide a banjo bolt after letting a hose go through beforehand.


get rid of air bubbles

It is very simple work,but the most important work.

How to suck in the syringe or pump is common, When you do a search on the Internet has been a lot published.

But get rid of air bubbles even if such a thing is not is possible.


  1. Injecting the brake fluid
  2. A brake is grasp many times
  3. If brake fluid disappears, brake fluid is added.
  4. Brake fluid and the air bubbles which are exhausted soon from the Rubber Department of the brakes caliper
  5. Once a certain degree air bubble is discharged, Tighten the caliper rubber cap portion of the bolt.
  6. Grip many times while replenishing the brake fluid to the brake master, Carried out in the brake master until the air bubbles rise

only repeat this.

There is not a feeling of brakes touch first, hollow feeling.

And it will become anxious.

But when it’s done for a while, air bubble discharge stops from the bottom of a brake master. And break control will be that it can.

Will vary depending on the length and shape of the hose,This work will take more than 10 minutes.

a reference youtube link for beginners.

Bleeding Air from the brake fluid using the bottle pump

Brake master air vent

Address v125cc caliper, brake fluid replacement work

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