Pulley face metal cutting processing to Increasing the spline area


CVT driving system

When you add custom of long pulley boss and boss washer, The spline range of the crankshaft That will drastically decrease, More attachment of a spline nut becomes difficult.

So because some splines appear, it is all right …thread galling the spline equips forcibly,Pulley face attachment sometimes becomes difficult.

Such a situation is the worst, become a replacement of the crank shaft.

You can not respond if a beginner.

Let’s easy to deal with before it becomes so, It metal cutting the pulley face with an electric drill.

long pulley boss is here


metal cutting about 1mm


A spline nut can cut into a spline when I metal cutting it like the image mentioned above.

Is, for example, if additional boss washer is 1.5mm,

I think so feeling such as metal cutting 1.5 mm.

Pulley face the best processing of normal type

I recommend the processing of normal pulley, Because normal is high durability.

The kind of the pulley a high speed pulley and a finless pulley…There are many kinds and product makers.

And, there is each different material and V-belt ground plane and angle

Therefore there is also a pulley with the weak material.

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