Moped,motor scooter,At Checked point drive train is something wrong


CVT driving system

It is an item to check at the time of drive train is something wrong.

It’s trouble in a normal moped basically.

This is a beginner and the articles for people which aren’t repaired by themselves.


can’t advance

There is a possibility that a spline nut of a crank is loose.

When a spline nut loosens, the power around the cone belt doesn’t occur any more by a pulley face and a pulley, It becomes the skidding state, Therefore can’t advance.

If you don’t have the special tool such as pulley locking wrench or a rotor holding tool, Rear brake lever holding strongly tighten the spline nut.

The noise occurs at all times

V-belt is damaged, immediately before.  A damaged pulley, pulley face.  A weight roller wears away.  Secondary Fixed sheave was damaged.

There are these possibilities.

V-belt, weights roller clutch shoe, This, everything is consumables, so periodic confirmation is needed.

I’ll check it every 20000 kilometers.

Rasping and intense noise

The state that some parts are damaged or There is a state that a spline nut of a pulley face just came off.

When Rasping and intense noise opens the drive system cover, a damaged part will be revealed immediately.

Speed is slow and Acceleration is wrong

For example, The motor scooter by which the max speed also falls in 10 kilos more than the new car purchase time, It is the consumption of the V belt and the consumption of the weight roller.

To replace these two alone, almost resolved.

If the acceleration is wrong, Moped may have damaged pulley, pulley face V-belt contact surface.

Speed and acceleration get worse simultaneously in many cases.


Please have the person who would like to repair by himself by making reference to a category of an CVT driving system.

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CVT driving systemsomething wrong