Moped motorcycle,motor scooter,At Checked point Electrical system is something wrong


Electrical equipment

It is an item to check at the time of Electrical system is something wrong.

It’s trouble in a normal moped basically.

This is a beginner and the articles for people which aren’t repaired by themselves.


There is not a power supply even if you turn a key

Contact failure of a key cylinder, Fuse is blown, Electrical wiring assembly came off, kill switch, side stand connected switch, The cause which is this is considered.

A simple solution is Use of electrical contact cleaner.

For example, When it’s contact failure of a key cylinder, a possibility corrected in electrical contact cleaner is high.

Fuse replaced but does not provide the power

Some wiring is more likely to short-circuit.

But, the contents are being different in case of the power supply which has an influence on an engine system.

The points to be checked in the case of engine systems is Ignition coil, automatic choke, fuel injectors.

Headlights and other lights does not turn on

In some cases lighting system coupler of the harness is disconnected.

Other factors include the Voltage Regulator is failure.

A secondhand inexpensive regulator is bought at an online auction and it’s exchanged. so, it’s recommended solution method.

Turn signals do not work

It is likely to turn signals relay is faulty.

When exchanging it,recover, At first, A simple solution is Use of electrical contact cleaner.

A horn doesn’t ring

Cause investigation is very troublesome.

Replace with a new one, If sound is odd, knock the Horn.

When not recovering even if it’s exchanged newly, wiring or switch system may be the cause.

self starter motor does not turn

The battery is deteriorated and cannot be fully charged, A self-motor deteriorates or broken.

Electric coil inside the self motor is often broken, self motor may heal if disassembled and cleaned.


The investigation that the electric equipment system trouble is caused is troublesome.

Even a moped maintenance expert says that trouble of an electric system is most difficult.

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