motor scooter is something wrong


something wrong

Moped to ride every day, Motorcycle to ride only on a holiday, The how to use is various by a person.

When something is wrong with the motorcycle if it is a person doing maintenance and tuning by oneself, there is expectation.

But it wouldn’t be understood for a beginner.

If you read my blog, When a countermeasure can be found, I’m happy… I think so.

This article is for beginners article.


Check the status

Speed is slow, Acceleration is wrong, The engine won’t start… Motorcycles have a lot of trouble.

Also the sorts of trouble into engine, drive train, electrical system.


  • the engine won’t start
  • the engine started, but Immediately engine stall
  • At the time of a signal stop, engine stall
  • Idling is unstable
  • Noise from engine
  • the temperature around the engine is very hot.
  • release the accelerator, but Engine rpm does not fall
  • Engine does not turn off
  • Speed is slow
  • Acceleration is wrong

Drive train

  • can’t advance
  • The noise occurs at all times
  • Rasping and intense noise
  • Speed is slow
  • Acceleration is wrong

Electrical system

  • There is not a power supply even if you turn a key
  • Fuse replaced but does not provide the power
  • Headlights and other lights does not turn on
  • Turn signals do not work
  • A horn doesn’t ring.
  • self starter motor does not turn
something wrong, A trouble occurs…  I think the kinds are the contents above-mentioned for the most part.

There are many checkpoints, engine, drive train, electrical system, Divide the article that way.

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something wrong
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