Moped motorcycle,motor scooter,At Checked point engine is something wrong



It is an item to check at the time of engine is something wrong.

It’s trouble in a normal moped basically.

This is a beginner and the articles for people which aren’t repaired by themselves.

the engine won’t start

When not moving, a self motor starter checks a battery. You charge it, or let’s purchase new battery.

For example, When a kick start is performed while pressing cell start START push button switch, A self motor also moves a little by the engine which has no electric power, and it’ll be sometimes engine starting.

When there is no repulsive force in case of a kick start, there is a possibility that an engine is broken.

A spark plug cord may fall out.

It is the point that the fuel Valve is easy to forget.

In the case of an injection vehicle, it is the confirmation of the injection lamp, When lighting up, some errors occur.

A self motor sometimes degrades for the moped which is being used lengthily.

the engine started, but Immediately engine stall

If it is a symptom to sometimes occur, I think engine stall due to changes in temperature and humidity.

If it occurs just after the engine starting, abnormality of a fuel line or the sparking plug system is doubted.

Let’s check the blocking of the air filter.

At the time of a signal stop, engine stall

There is a thing which occurs by rain and crusted snow of the state that the temperature is low extremely.

When this occurs in an ordinary season, Check the fuel system.

The carburetor vehicle an air screw, Pilot Jet, Check the diaphragm.

Idling is unstable

It’s as well as checking a plug, a battery and plug cord. But Probably the cause is very likely to be the fuel, intake system.

It is likely to occur even when the gasoline octane number of different phenomena.

Moped scooters driving rough gravel roads, such as the, It sucks in an alien substance from an air-cooling fan for the engine cooling, A flywheel and a pickup adjustment in ignition timing sometimes slip.

Noise from engine

You need to disassemble the engine.

Thus, the repair is impossible for a beginner.

Let’s ask a motorcycle shop for repair.

the temperature around the engine is very hot.

Check cooling fan to cool the engine, The water-cooled vehicle the check of the coolant, The vehicle having an oil cooler performs the check of the core first.

Everything is a maintenance matter.

release the accelerator, but Engine rpm does not fall

check the state of the accelerator wire and the throttle.

The valve spring of a carburetor and the throttle body may be abnormal in some cases.

Engine does not turn off

If you do not stop the engine with key OFF is quite abnormal state, It cannot help stopping an engine forcibly.

An aerial inlet (air filter) is closed, and, an engine stop.

When still it’s impossible, When closing an exhaust port, it should stop.

One of the reasons the engine does not stop, there are those allowed to “run-on phenomenon”.

It is part of the combustion chamber heat was imposed was phenomenon, in a State even without the ignition spark plug will ignite piston compression.

Speed is slow and Acceleration is wrong

For example, The engine ordinarily starts, but it can’t be run directly…

In such a situation, breakage of the cam inside a cylinder head, a locker arm, and a valve can be considered.


Please have the person who would like to repair by himself by making reference to a category of an engine (Engine).

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