careful to not bend exhaust pipe flange and bolts



I think many people to replace the silencer and exhaust pipe of the motorcycle or moped scooter custom.

There are massiveness and an existence sense, and exhaust sound also changes, so exhaust pipe and a silencer will be because it’ll be a main custom, as expected.

and When even remembering exhaust pipe and a silencer exchange once, the work is easy, so I take off many times, Will be changing to other silencers.

Because exhaust pipe is frequently removed when doing an engine custom, Handling becomes rough carelessly.

But to about the tightening torque of the flange of the exhaust pipe and bolt, and later becomes a serious thing.

Cygnus X exhaust pipe mounting bolts to be bent in this post will introduce.

how to replace the exhaust pipe silencer is here


A flange is connected to a bolt, if it becomes difficult, it’s attention.

When having squeezed a nut harder than the nominal torque, a possibility which will be serious is high.

A flange warps and a bolt bends outside.  For example such a State…


Both bolts are turned outward.

Flange was bent completely by about 5 degrees from the horizontal.

When it’ll be in such state, exhaust pipe attachment becomes difficult, so it’s necessary to restore a bolt.

about the flange, There is only a way to hit a flange with a hammer and bring it close levelly.

A cylinder head is removed or a motor scooter is lifted.

If I lift a moped motor scooter and a motorcycle to the height that is easy to work, It’s necessary to prepare lift.

There are no lifts in ordinary homes, so you have no choice but to go to a motor scooter store.

How to work on a moped scooter lay there, But oil and liquid leak out to this way variously.  So this is impossible.

Here you go,will plunge to remove cylinder head.

Separation of engine and vehicle is here

The cylinder head relation is here

if you can Removing by a double nut, it’s lucky.

Exhaust bolts is removable type, and A non-removable type.

In the case of a type impossible of disassembly, we swat it with a hammer, and let’s repair it.


The above image is removed the bolt cylinder head exhaust port, And It is installing a new bolt.

Most stud bolts can be removed by a double nut.

I wish we both are going well.

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