Plating spiral tube


When a custom of a moped scooter and a motorcycle is being performed, There are removal of hose kinds and a wire and a case that I take it and turn turning frequent.

A coil gate tube is used to gather such one.

But though a custom is being done, it isn’t fascinating by a tube with the black plain color color.

This is an article about treated galvanized spiral tube (galvanized wire coil).


Easy installation in dress-up effect.

A plating spiral tube is just covered, Everyone can do it.

Problem is only visible place installation or a hiding place or establishment.

When also loading a plating spiral tube on the place I seem to peep where, a cost become expensive.

The plating spiral tube I used is this.


It’ll be a product of KITAKO company famous for custom parts.

When I bend hard in case of attachment, a crack occurs to plating.

Plating degrades.

A plating tube of this kind degrades absolutely.

When degradation has started, Discoloration and Rubbing and Peeling, It occurs a lot.

For example such atmosphere…


The Cygnus X by which a plating spiral tube degraded, This will be the just poor atmosphere.

I tried coating, silicone spray at the time began to deteriorate was useless.

Custom Repair Modified "Scooter Moped Motorcycle" by yourself