Rear shock absorber exchange


How to Replace Rear shock absorber is very easy.
Set up a center stand, only need to replace one by one.

The important thing is what kind of suspension to mount,I was fitted with a suspension of ”GAZI”

 GAZI is Thailand Maker

It’s a suspension of nitrogen gas-type, so the price is low at 15000 yen.
End eye adapter is used, it’s a little low, it’s downed.
I mount “End eye adapter of sygnus x”, and I improved higher.

This “suspension” is stiff, so I jump by a step on the road.

But hard because the escape of the force transmitted to the rear wheel from the clutch meat less the amount the initial velocity is good


A person of acceleration emphasis is a hard Rear shock absorber,Ride comfort and high-speed emphasis on soft Rear shock absorber is good


Incidentally yellow cover of this another object tank, and a cover of a mere gas pouring mouth.

But this appearance…

“This machine might be great!”

It may be possible to make them think?

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