Air duct creation method for scooter


The air duct which cools a Pulley transmission

“Inside cowl” is cutting after “Exterior cowl” is removed and done.

CIMG2690 CIMG2692

Air duct using is the hose for washing machine.

In order to pass the air duct, cutting as like a blue line.



An air duct is let through inside the body.

CIMG2695CIMG2688 CIMG2687

Completed by mounting the air duct to the position of your choice

by the way,I made the paper cup the inflow mouth.

It is a little difficult but you It was published a custom that was using an electric drill to the clutch cooling air duct.

Clutch cooling air ducts, is the effect?

Clutch cooling air ducts, is the effect?
When a custom clutch... Clutch sometimes overheats. I processed a cover of Transmission and let pass the air duct ...