Make an Air filter, such as a silencer on your own


It is a Remodeling to take off a normal air filter box, and to change to the silencer type air filter.

Let’s make an original using a pipe, air filter, the muffler cutter of the car.

CIMG0073muu1 CIMG0068

Mounting the air cleaner is made of “K&N”, will be the type of small filter set.

It’s used after I make red filter oil permeate.

CIMG0081  CIMG2213

It is easy work to replace by removing the normal of air cleaner box.

When covered with the muffler cutter it will look like the second silencer.

When installing an air filter in the place away from the carburetor and the throttle valve, I’ll extend it by a washing machine hose.

CIMG4640  CIMG4641


The washing of the wet process air filter will use the Dedicated cleaner

CIMG1965  CIMG1968  CIMG1969

I think that the wet type is good in the day-to-day Traveling,

Dry type is good, such as when you want to increase the response.

I tried to make a dry type eco filter by modifying the normal air filter.

If there you are interested, here is also please to reference.