BW’s125 Tuning Points to note in the throttle body connector removal


BW'S125中身 Intake system

When removing a throttle body of BW’s125FI(SE4510), there is POINT which should pay attention.

here is also a careful point by hose removal from a fuel tank, Even removing the throttle body connector handling should be done carefully.

When I removed a throttle body of first BW’s125, I failed and destroyed a connector, Please come to reference.

hose removal from a fuel tank is here


Carefully pull out the connector

BW’s125 stiff connector anyway.

There are more a lot of connectors of the structure difficult to pull out, so I’ll suggest that it isn’t removed forcibly.

Then let’s confirm the position of the throttle body with an overall image.

Throttle body shape is similar to a carburetor.

But the structures are very different, Fuel is jetted by electronic control, so a connector is connected to the throttle body.

The connector for which this is difficult

It’ll be the whole picture and an expansion picture of the connector to which we should pay attention.

This is a small part, When a connector is pull out forcibly in this state, a damage possibility is high.


After removing the rubber hose which connects from air cleaner BOX,  it’s better to initiate a connector.

The throttle body has a connector and a pin.

Connector destruction and the pin which is the body when it’s torn, throttle body is a damaged possibility.

So…  I did pull out a connector forcibly, A connector on the throttle body side was destroyed, and a pin was in the bare state.

Pins bent further, The careful restoration of the PIN, It was settled by the system which into put a pin in a destroyed connector directly.

A throttle body isn’t frequently removed, so it’s no problem,  When this connector point comes off in moving, an engine stall is done.

When custom BW’s125 did an engine stall, A throttle body connector is the part which should be checked.

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