CVK 32Φ Carburetor Part 2


Intake system

Continuation of Part 1.

Easily the description of the carburetor in the image.

cab1 cab2

Part 1 is here.


Decide the number of Bakelite

Let’s end the check of the carburetor,

Next, remove the normal carburetor to determine the required number of Bakelite.


The above image is the normal carburetor.

If you are a beginner, get rid of hose from to understand what hose are connected anywhere.

Secondary air from gap

untitled untitled

Do not forget the O-ring attachment to the Bakelite.

Remember to add an O-ring, it will suck the secondary air from the gap, and In some cases, it will be the worst state.

If it does not well,Remove the O-ring , there is also a way to solidify the Bakelite in the liquid gasket.

Simple secondary air check method,In the idling state, in high places likely to inhale the secondary air, And injecting the parts cleaner.

When the engine sound may change, the engine stall, and check its location.

The rest is completed by connecting various hose

When this type of carburetor is put on the Cygnus X.

Negative pressure is taken from a manifold, so negative pressure of a carburetor isn’t necessary.

Please cover with something.

untitled untitled untitled

Carburetor mounting not only design is no data. So there is no choice but to set yourself.

At first try with a jet of the same number as the normal carburetor.

If you do not have the air flow meter,Adjust while looking at the burnt condition of the plug.

Burnt condition generally plug have been a fox color is good,If the plug is white it will be fuel adjustment is thin.

“bang bang sound” from silencer

Do not you see a bike that travels while playing the sound of an explosion, such as “bang bang” from the silencer?

That explosion is called the “after-fire”, It occurs when the fuel adjustment does not fit.

It is a symptom no good for the engine,The worst will be immobile vehicle.

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