Electric blower Supercharger


Intake system

When a custom is doing a scooter and a motorcycle, attachment of a turbo and a supercharger would be imagined sometime.

But even the exhaust system will be also only specially made to order parts by a mechanical type, so it costs a lot of money.

When considering by power up, a boa rise is chosen by the cost-effectiveness absolutely,People to challenge by a personal unit will be few.

If so, whether it is possible to use the air of the air-cooling fan to supercharging?

There would be many people who tried the person who thinks this, too.

I also tried but was no change as a result.

When it is, can it be supercharged by the electric blower sold at a do-it-yourself store?

This article will be the one which tried whether it could be supercharged when air was sent to a carburetor in electric blower.


 In conclusion,I do not recommend at all.

Was to somehow able to run, but it is unstable and impossible adjustment.

Still people who would like to challenge please referenc.

Further I assume that the structure of the engine supercharge is understood.


Because if there is not a switch at hand, I am not usable during a run,To decompose the blower and to extend the switch.


and, because do not operate if there is not a power supply,To prepare the inverter and connected directly to the battery.


But also be directly connected to the battery of the motorcycle body is OK,It is more convenient to prepare a single battery,and It will also be in short measures.

Attachment to the vehicle body

Basic even you can connect with a little work if you understand.

In the case of carburetor vehicle,The pressure from the blower is connected with petrol tank with a float room and it’s pressurized.

As other methods,There is also a method of sealed with a thick vinyl each carburetor,But it leaks out from the gap.

But this is good condition best.

Injection vehicle may be connected to the throttle body.


Please set up BOX where shutting tightly is possible during a blower from a carburetor to a carburetor vehicle.

I process a plastic pipe and connect from this pipe to float room, the gasoline tank.

Furthermore, since in many cases does not move decent, I established the air filter on the other one another item.

When the blower test run is a system to seal the another item hose with duct tape.


When it’s in such state, even an injection vehicle can do a usual run.

It works in such a state, but the adjustment is considerably out of order.

Because the power of the blower cannot adjust it.

When a blower is turned on in an idling state, The engine stalled surely.

And if it isn’t switch on from at least 8000 rpm, it doesn’t move.

Manually adjust the pressure power

Since it is unavoidable, 1 more duct is added and is branched.

And it becomes the ridiculous supercharge adjustment to coordinate the tip of this duct with the opening and shutting due to the palm.

It is not in condition to be able to run commonly because it is such the adjustment method.


It’s the case that only the person who tried understands this, it’s better not to copy.

Moreover, it will become a style, such as the mad max moped full of pipe.

I liked mad max style very much, so I liked it,

But the weight of the additional battery and maintenance were considered and everything was removed.


Only the appearance is the motor scooter which seems to be great.

A little pressurization UP becomes possible by an actual run.

However, it is not fast because there is additional battery with allowance adjustment and the weight.

… Supercharging excites man’s spirit of adventure!

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