Do not Disassembly the Starter clutch


CVT driving system

A starter clutch was hard and didn’t come off easily at the time of a crank exchange.

It was pulled by force by various tools then, so a starter clutch seems to have broken.

As a result of attachment it in defiance of trouble, a starter clutch does not operate by a cell motor start.


It’s hard to understand  with the above image,There are 4 small pillars in the inner 4 points.

This small pillar will be the structure which doesn’t REVERSE ROTATION by spring control,My starter clutch warps, and a pillar enters into the inside and doesn’t move.

I was going to repair it, but the starter clutch becomes clear with parts having difficulty in rebuilding while I play with it.

So without the repair, it was fixed shaping with pliers.


Below becomes topic to talk about

I think that it is reduced the friction loss if a starter clutch polishes a point toward contact with a gear incidentally,It was polished by since the rough with an electric drill and with a water-resistant file metal polishing agent.


After attaching it, and confirming it, I cannot sense the reduction of the friction loss bodily at all,And,Also unknown whether that reduced,Only to operate normally.

This part does not make sense at all to polish because parts hidden by the pulley.

puley is here

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CVT driving system