Exchange of Pulley and Weight roller for beginner

CVT driving system

Replace the Pulley and Weight roller in order to strengthen the acceleration

This will require Pulley lock wrench to do this work.

Stop a turn of the crank in Pulley lock wrench,Remove the Pulley nut in Ratchet.


As crank does not rotate, remove the nut from fixed with pulley lock wrench

If you understand here, later it can do anything.

In other words, the reason for fixing the crank in the pulley lock wrench,When the crank is rotated because the force is not transmitted.

CIMG1209 CIMG1208

Pulley lock wrench is a tool to use in this way.

If pulley lock wrench is not, also it can be fixed pulley face with the rotor holding tool.

CIMG1207 CIMG1198

Parts and get rid slowly so as not to fall apart.

Using the rotor holding tool is here

Beginners Remember the order of the parts

CIMG1200 CIMG1201

Let’s proceed with work while understanding of the structure so as not to forget the assembly procedure. Then, the slide piece has direction.

Let’s exchange Pulley and Weight roller and pulley face of liking.

CIMG1203 CIMG1218

There is a direction to basically wait roller.

You will be able to understand as soon as you become more familiar to the drive system.

CIMG1217 CIMG1214

Without leaving Slide peace when building.

by the way…

When Weight roller is light, it arrives at the maximum number of revolutions of the engine early.