Compression adjustment spark plug custom



The Spark plug is the expendable supply which you must change even if I do not do a motorcycle custom.

The performance degradation of a Spark plug isn’t good for an engine and the performance also falls and a good thing is not…

I think that it is an established theory, but,What time is exchange time?

Then, in the case of a motorcycle, 3000-5000 Kilometers is like the aim.

Then, when it isn’t exchanged at all, what happens?

“BW’S125” which I own now does not change 50,000 kilometers of spark plugs(I forgot it,and Besides, I do the engine Disassembly twice …)

This side would be the limit of the plug because the recent engine takes the bad with the current mileage is 27,000 km

It was remembered while writing this blog, so it’s exchanged this time.

Well, it is a plug custom of the article title, Cygnus X has tried a variety of plug.

Iridium plug will probably to have an effect. But it was indistinguishable in the Feel the body level.

It was compared after 100 for kilometers in the new plug and new Iridium plug, but I do not know well.

But I think the person who sees my blog can’t be satisfied with the contents above-mentioned…


So,Custom change the type and length of the plug.


I think the person doing engine remodeling knows what the above picture indicates,Such a plug exchange is useless If you do not do and understand the engine structure.

Please refer to the person that you will modify.

Also different thermal value of plug, but the length is the difference more than anything.

The left is normal, so than a combustion chamber is normal the minute, the thing with the short length of the plug is to spread more, and compression is in the state which falls.

When making boa UP and a long crank, I have to process a cylinder head.

Combustion failure explosion may be caused when I do not perform this even if I pour high octane content gasoline.

Although the case of such a modification to the process to extend the combustion chamber,The expansion size will be unclear for a beginner.

First is carried out only expanding processing of the squish area,

CIMG7618 untitled

Later will consider the cutting amount of the combustion chamber and consider the thickness of the gasket, changing the length of the plug and heat value while having a test ride,I think such procedure is an easy way for a beginner and the person who remodels it by himself.

Of course, but high compression You can feel the power,There is the risk of the engine damage, too.

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