CVK 32Φ Carburetor Part 1

Intake system

Normal Carburetor is 24Φ, but I tried to replace the 32Φ

In order to equip with 32Φ Carburetor for which height is needed

Therefore Bakelite of Carburetor, 2-3  There is preparation, and Long bolt


32Φ considerable size


This will be the carburetor, which had been attached to a motorcycle of 250cc single.

It is Difficult, because attaching it to the 125cc scooter. And, there is no manual because it is second-hand goods.

If you are installing this kind of thing you do believe in yourself and try.

Bakelite of Carburetor Long bolt

Bakelite will use the genuine products.

“Accelerator wire fixed part” and “Bakelite of Carburetor” are processed.

cvk4 cvk2 cvk1 cvk5

Since Bakelite is used in duplicate, flat finish, and further expand the hole.

Manifold Let’s expand according to a caliber.


It also expand the inner diameter of the Bakelite.

If you do not do this, Large diameter carburetor can not exert a complete performance.

b2 mani

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