Normal fuel hose at the injection scooter vehicle


Intake system

In BW’S125, a fuel tank exists right above upper body throttle body,Therefore when  working Remodeling, I have to remove a fuel tank each time.

While removing many times, a crack occurs in a connection inlet of a fuel tank and a hose,Gasoline gushed out of a crack.

I think that some people, such as similar, so leave my repair image in the blog.


BW’S is a plastic gasoline jet unit of the fuel tank,It becomes the connection mouth of the special shape.

This is less likely to come off, it is also a fragile place.

I failed each time at this part, so the damaged repairing and the connection method were changed.


I use the common heat resistance fuel hose.


It’s under the pressure in case of an injection vehicle, so use of exclusive fuel hose is presupposing,It wasn’t sold at a moped shop.

so,I tested it with a common heat resistance fuel hose,As a result, there is not the blowoff by the pressure.

In this moped, the disassembly work of the fuel tank smoothens by the extension of the fuel hose.

People to do the remodeling and repair it yourself please reference,Normal of the fuel hose is too short, because they are too hard.

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Intake system
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