I make a sliding hammer with extra parts


In engine custom of the scooter, You must remove the rocker arm in order to replace the cam.

But in order to remove the rocker arm must pull off the rocker arm pin, Sliding hammer to pull out the rocker arm pin is required.

This sliding hammer is the only tool, but the structure is simple.

But, the sliding hammer expensive tools, I think the tool you do not want to buy but it is necessary.


A stud bolt, a nut and a clutch outer, it’s possible to make from combination.


If you look at the above image, I think that it can be easy to understand.

Surely, can make anyone.

The stud bolt is what was used for the engine. Because consistent with the bolt diameter of the rocker arm pin, only it is using.

If a diameter does not match, Let’s buy the most inexpensive stud bolt in DIY store.

How to useing stud bolts see here

Regular sale goods also is a simple structure.

The difference between self-made sliding hammer is a hammer part.

Hammer part is also okay in others if the object with a weight that matches the stat bolt diameter.


This will be the stud bolt of Yamaha Corporation.

Clutch outer sliding hammer is a little difficult to use

Although the clutch outer weight is, it is a little difficult to use due to its size.

but, sliding hammer is possible to produce only combine the extra parts.

you do not want to buy?

but it is necessary.

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